Stonehenge National Heritage


Located in Wiltshire, about eight miles north of Salisbury and two miles west of Amesbury, Stonehenge was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1986.

One of the most famous landmarks in the world, we usually see these ancient monumental stones photographed in a circle; and often appearing relatively small in the frame.

When Stonehenge was first opened to the public, it was possible to get up close to the stones and even walk around them as I did, before ropes and a visitor’s centre were introduced.

In this picture I wanted to give a true feel of the stones; a sense of their great size, perceived weight, awesome power, and possible healing energy.


One thought on “Stonehenge National Heritage

  1. before i finally got to go i’d been wanting to see stonehenge for years! it was pretty awesome, but it’s gotten a bit too touristy, i guess. i wished it was still possible to get up close to the stones but with all the tourists there would probably be no piece left of it if there weren’t any ropes… 😉 thanks for sharing this nice shot.


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